UK Mortgage Advice

Mortgages-Online was established in 1997 and was the UK's first mortgage broker to offer mortgage advice exclusively over the Internet. We have helped many thousands of people to arrange a mortgage and a testament to our service is that we continue to build our client relationships and help clients with their mortgage needs over and over again.

Allowing us to source and arrange your mortgage will save time and increase the likelihood of success when applying to a lender.

Considering your needs
The first step in finding you the right mortgage is to understand your requirements. We obtain information from you over the telephone and via email to determine which mortgage schemes should be considered.

Finding the most suitable mortgage
We provide advice about the different types of mortgage available and can provide details about mortgages from every UK lender, including direct to lender mortgages that are not available through brokers.

Confirming Eligibility
In the current mortgage market it has never been so difficult to get a mortgage, it is therefore vital that you do not apply to a lender unless you can be certain that you will qualify for their mortgages; applying unsuccessfully to a lender may harm your credit rating. It is reported that some lenders turned down up to 80% of mortgage applicants in 2009.

Mortgages-Online understands lender's lending criteria and can approach the lender to talk generically about specific situations to 'sound out' the lender before applying.

We communicate with you quickly by email and telephone, so there is no need to make an appointment. Mortgage Illustrations can be provided in seconds not days. We can discuss your requirements at a time that suits you.

Applying for a Mortgage
For the majority of mortgage applications we can apply electronically on your behalf, saving you time. We also know how to complete application forms accurately thus reducing the possibility of being declined.

Liaising with the lender
Where we have applied for the mortgage on your behalf we act as your agent. We can obtain information from the lender, estate agent and solicitor to monitor the progress of your application and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Post completion
When your current mortgage comes to an end we can help you find a replacement mortgage so that you continually maintain a competitive mortgage. Your next application is simplified as we hold 90% of the information required to apply to another lender. The remaining 10% will simply cover information that may have changed over the years; salary changes, new loans or old loans repaid.

Other Needs
We can also help with buildings & content insurance, income protection and life assurance to protect you, your family and your home against unforeseen circumstances.